My Story (in brief)

All my life I felt and knew I had a special connection to spirit and access to other levels, with many experiences in my life confirming this. I began tattooing in my teens, not intentionally at first, but life directed me onto this path. Over the many years I witnessed a lot of experiences with my clients that were more than just getting a tattoo. There was something more happening. Healing, connection, letting go, moving forward, unblocking, all these things were happening more often with my clients. These experiences would show themselves during sessions as emotional energy connections or my clients would report back to me some time after describing the positive changes and shifts that had happened in their lives since the work. 

Sometimes I would receive messages on a conscious level that I felt needed to be passed on to the client, a communication was happening bringing messages of insight, direction and confirmation.

I knew something was going on but didn’t really know how to purposely channel it in a comprehensive way. I just went with the flow and it did its thing. People started to become drawn to me to get their tattoo, travelling long distances and around the globe just because their path and feeling had sought me out for this reason of connection. Their tattoo was not just a tattoo to them, it was a journey and an experience and they had to feel the right person was doing it. Some would not understand why until afterward, but would have their insights confirmed.

One day a respected Matakite (Maori seer, prophet, clairvoyant, intuitive visionary) Carmel Hotai Cochrane, Ngāti Whāti, Te Uri O Hau, Ngā Puhi, and Renae Pocklington, Ngāti Whāti, Te Uri O Hau, Ngā Puhi, recognised what was going on. I was tapping into the energy signature of the persons I was working on. With their guidance and mentoring they taught me how to work with this energy and how to connect our healing and support guides on a spiritual and energetic level enabling healing and clearing to happen.

These two modalities, Spiritual Tattooing and Spiritual Energy Healing combined make for a very powerful tool in healing and spiritual connection. The tattooing and what happens at a quantum level due to the energy and vibrational effect of the designs in partnership with spiritual energy healing does give a very powerful pathway for growth, healing and consciousness. Working at a cellular level enabling the body and mind to let go of cellular memory and allowing reprogramming at a higher and more positive level to occur.