This modality and direction of tattoo is more than just the tattoo. When you embark on a tattoo journey with me you embark on a journey of connection, clarity and healing. I believe that receiving a tattoo is much more than just applying an image to the skin. I know that there is more going on with the process. What is also happening is a shift in energy, an awakening of spiritual awareness, a rising in your vibrational frequency. This results in a better connection with your spirit, your higher self and your ancestors and guides. A better connection with the Universe. We are all energy and this process will have a profound effect on you emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Healing is also activated in this process. My ability to tap into your Energy Signature and allow healing to happen at a spiritual and energy level enables clearing to happen on a physical level with the body, also clearing blocked energy at an emotional, mental and spiritual level giving inner strength and confidence, feeling light and peaceful. This level of healing enables the body and mind to let go of cellular memories without reliving the trauma.

This journey will help you move into a greater version of you. You will experience growth and healing. Letting go of unnecessary baggage and awaken the parts in you that will assist you in your evolution as a human being and connecting you to your spirit and higher self.

  • We go on a process of discovery together.

  • I create something that is a reflection of you.

  • I connect into your energy. Information flows through me.

  • A journey together, not just a tattoo.

  • Growth

  • Healing

  • Moving into a greater version of you.

  • Awaken parts in you.

  • Messages of insight.