"I wanted to express a subtle but definitive statement reflecting my heritage and place in the world. I had an idea of the elements I wanted to include based on a bark cloth given to me by my family. Shane combined these to create a unique design that perfectly captured my story and how I interact with the world around me. 

I feel like it fits me perfectly and as the ink sinks into my skin, I feel more and more like it’s been there forever, waiting for the right moment to appear. A little apprehension (my first tattoo) soon gave way to complete calm and peace as the consult began and this tone continued throughout the session. 

The dedication and discipline Shane invests in his craft is nurtured with sincere dignity and grace. Genuine soul delivered with absolute integrity – a true artisan of the finest making – that I deeply respect and highly recommend."

Thank you, Shane.

Sarah Proud

  "Thanks bro. I had to dig deep for that one. We went back to my Marae. It was good to be home and a blessing. I knew and felt I was in trusting hands, thank you, and for helping me through it. I felt you did bro. Your character and Mauri let alone your work speaks loud and clear. You run deep. When we finished I was still absorbing the journey we took and also taking in the koha you had just given.
  Bro I actually felt we were in a realm at the time. Thank you bro, it took me home."


"I have followed Shane’s work since he released Koru In Lines Volume 1. I am one of those people who believes in "you get what you pay for" and boy was I wrong. I got a lot more than what I paid for. It wasn’t just a Moko, it was the entire experience from the second I sat down with him. Shane obviously spent time considering my first requests sent via email as I lived interstate. When I arrived he patiently guided me through the process from conception to the final product. He is so skilled with the free hand that at each stage of the process I was completely blown away with his design, thoughtful consideration of my requests and the speed at which he worked. I totally recommend Shane to anyone who takes this seriously and requires a man of absolute faultless skill and guidance. I left feeling as though money wasn’t enough payment and have the utmost respect and admiration for a man at the top of his profession."

Eowyn Forrest

There are two kinds of people who want tattoos. Those who want pictures….and those who want story’s. Those who want stories are looking for more than a tattoo. They want a genuine connection with the artist, who through self and spirit, guide the hand of the artist to create an impression that is deeply personal for the client. If this is what you seek, look no further than Shane Gallagher Coley. 

The complete professional, Shane combined my Maori and Aboriginal ancestry into a piece of work that honours the beauty of indigenous cultures. I am inspired and humbled each time I look into the mirror and see this amazing work of art he gave me.  Thank you!

Mick Cannon